What is Openstack?


Openstack is an open-source free software platform designed for cloud computing and is most commonly deployed as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

TechMark Solutions provides a consulting service in and around Openstack for infrastructure design and implementation for both private and public cloud for your specific infrastructure or application requirements. As part of a wider range of complementary solutions the Openstack services offered by TechMark Solutions has positioned us a leading Openstack service provider in London. TechMark Solutions also offers Openstack Training in London.

Openstack consists of a number of interrelated components and is completely API driven. Within the Openstack cloud solution there are a number of projects.

Openstack Main Projects:

  • Keystone – Authentication and Authorization
  • Glance – Image Repository
  • Nova – Compute services (CPU,Memory)
  • Neutron – Networking (NaaS , LbaaS , VPaaS & FWaaS)
  • Cinder – Block Storage (Persistent Disk space to Instance)
  • Swift – Object Storage (Object Container services )
  • Heat – Orchestration (Automate Infrastructure provisioning through a code )
  • Ceilometers – Utilization Statistics

Other Services:

  • Database – MariaDB
  • Queue Management – RabbitMQ
  • Ceph Storage – Block and Object
  • High Availability:
  • HAProxy and KeepAlived
  • MariaDB cluster

Dedicated Openstack services

TechMark Solutions has a dedicated Openstack services and support division and can offer a wide range of solutions and services focused specifically on the Openstack environment. By leveraging the open-source tools and software within the framework the services and solutions offered by our expert Openstack consultants include:

  • System Migration
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Implementation
  • Security and compliance management

For a full breakdown of the Openstack services and solutions or to ascertain in Openstack is right for your business or operation contact TechMark today.