Techmark Solutions is a leading IT Infrastructure services provider based in London.




Our experienced and professional team offers the some of the best technology available implemented and supported using the best processes backed up by warranties and an outstanding support team.

TechMark Solutions IT Infrastructure services are engineered to improve existing infrastructure and systems and align your business and IT strategies to enhance and optimize your operations and improve your bottom line.

The TechMark Solutions IT Infrastructure services include:

  • Desktop Management: Optimizing and enhancing your desktop infrastructure, aligned with best business practice to reduce risk and increase performance.
  • Server Management: Assessing your server infrastructure and implementing a strategy that considers migration, improves scalability, increases capacity, introduced virtualization, enhances monitoring and system maintenance with increased network security.
  • Transition and Migration: To improve performance and simplify operations a full transition and migration services takes your infrastructure, assesses your business requirements and upgrades or migrates technology to release its benefits.
  • Network Security: A robust and secure network infrastructure is essential for peak performance. TechMark Solutions have a dedicated division that provides the latest and most reliable security solutions for networks of all sizes and complexity.
  • Cloud and Virtualization: Virtualized and Cloud Solutions are the most current technologies that help your business remain competitive. TechMark Solutions have a division dedicated to the provision of technology such as Azure, Openstack and AWS with supporting networking, Linux and other IT skills. TechMark is the trusted partner for cloud and IT solutions for a large number of companies.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring of IT Infrastructure allows for predictive maintenance and systems management using advanced monitoring tools for both NOC and SOC TechMark keeps your hardware, services, network, storage, systems security and more in peak operating condition
  • Development and Deployment: focused on keeping your company ahead of the competition TechMark Solutions develops and deploys bespoke tools, Apps and Solutions specific to your requirements.

Benefits of the IT infrastructure services from TechMark Solutions:

  • Costs Optimized
  • Productivity increased through reduced downtime
  • Overall Efficiency improved
  • Systems security boosted
  • 24/7 Services support available