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Techmark Consulting

TechMark Solutions offers IT Support in a variety of fields with one of the most qualified and innovative teams in London. Our professional IT Consulting services are designed to enable us to assist you improve, develop, maintain, support or migrate your systems and solutions to reduce spend, optimize efficiency and maximize productivity.

TechMark Solutions has expertise in a wide number of areas that enable us to a deliver a holistic solution that meets your needs and address the challenges of your industry.

Our diverse skillset and service provision includes support and provision of:

  • Private Cloud (AWS, Openstack & Azure)
  • Public Cloud (Openstack)
  • Virtualization (KVM, XEN, VirtualBox ,VMware & HyperV)
  • Linux Support
  • AWS cloud
  • Openstack Cloud
  • Web services
  • Application Services
  • Database MYSQL, MongoDB, MS-SQL and Oracle
  • Open Source Consulting :- (Linux , Ubuntu , Debian , Centos , Redhat ,MySQL , MongoDB,Tomcat , Jboss , Nagios , Cacti , OTRS , Openstack , SVN , Bugzill, Zimbra,Openfire , Qmail,PHP stack ,hadoop, chef ,ceph ,KVM , VirtualBox, PostgreSQL,RabbitMQ , HAproxy & KeepAlived)
    Windows Support
  • High Availability, Clustering and Performance Tuning

The TechMark Solutions IT Network Consulting service dovetails with many of our other services with systems security and minimal downtime being major considerations at all times. Our firewall and security expertise complements all our services whether they are on premise in a data center or in the cloud.

TechMark Solutions are leaders in the migration of networks and systems to the cloud. The repertoire of expertise and resources enables us to provide unmatched infrastructure migration giving our clients a distinct business advantage.

TechMark Solutions also provides professional and certified training courses online and on premise. Please visit for full details.

For full details on the IT Support and consulting services from TechMark contact us today and speak to one of our consultants where you will find our expertise is matched by our excellent customer service.