Techmark Solutions is a leading IT Infrastructure services provider based in London.

AWS Cloud offerings


AWS – Offering

Operating from 12 Geographical locations worldwide, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of cloud computing services and solutions the form the on-demand computing platform offered by Amazon. TechMark Solutions are leaders in the provision of these solutions and AWS Consulting team is the trusted provider of AWS in London that you can rely on.

As a leading IT Consulting Provider in London, TechMark Solutions are experts in the delivery of high quality systems and solutions that include Private, Public and Hybrid solutions utilizing the most trusted cloud computing platforms of which AWS is just one.

Having proven expertise in the delivery of complex solutions such as backup, BigData, Business Analytics, Auto Scaling, High Availability, Clustering, data and application migration as well as systems monitoring and security, TechMark has become recognized as one of the leading IT Solution providers in the UK.

AWS Cloud offerings in UK

The TechMark Solutions AWS Consulting division offers one of the most comprehensive AWS offerings in the UK that covers:

  • In depth cloud assessment and strategy planning
  • Full design and implementation
  • Reliable Data Centre to Cloud Migration
  • Optimization and automation of cloud solutions
  • AWS Consulting and Support

AWS services by AWS Cnosulting division

The TechMark Solutions AWS Cloud services by AWS Consulting division include
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN: Cloudfront)
  • Elastic Computing (Vertical and Horizontal scalability)
  • Security (Firewall and IAM )
  • Object Storage(S3) and Reset full API integration
  • Auto scaling and Elastic Load Balancing
  • VPC ,ACL ,Routing and VPN (High Availability for Virtual Private Network
  • Route 53
  • SNS , Cloud Watch ,Advisory
  • Backup and Archrivals (Glacier)
  • Development and Release Management (DevOps)
  • NoSQL
  • Cloud Formation
  • WorkDoc’s
  • Relation Database Services (RDS)
  • Workspace (Desktop Virtualization : PCoIP)
  • Assessment and Strategy
  • Design & Implementation
  • On premises to cloud migration
  • Optimization and Automation

For full details or for a consultation around AWS for your organization contact TechMark and speak to an AWS Consultant.

As well the provision of AWS Solutions TechMark Solutions also provides AWS Training and certification. Training is provided on Premise or Online. TechMark is a certified AWS cloud training provider in London and can assist your organization in obtaining the skills and expertise it needs to better support your AWS Cloud solution.